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Tips to Extend Battery Life

Tips to Extend Battery Life

Tips to Extend Battery Life



Stratford Hyundai is known as the preferred Hyundai dealership in Stratford, Ontario, and is proud to serve London, Woodstock, Kitchener, Waterloo, and the surrounding areas. We sell the newest Hyundai vehicles and invite you to complete the online finance application if you're ready to purchase a new model. When owning a car, general car maintenance is essential to keep the vehicle running and increase the parts' lifespan. Maintenance care for your vehicle should be every few months, whether you change the oil or have the brakes inspected. You'll also need to take the necessary steps to extend the battery life to avoid having to replace it sooner rather than later.


Limit Your Electronic Use

Many people don't realize that using your electronics as the car is idling can strain your battery and wear it down over time. Limit your use as much as possible.


Care for the Entire Car

Caring for all of the vehicle parts is one of the steps you can take to ensure your battery lasts longer. Your vehicle should receive regular tune-ups and should be stored safely in a dry place when it's not in use to avoid damage to the battery.


Test the Battery Frequently

As a car owner, get in the habit of testing the battery frequently to ensure you can extend its life. Using a car battery tester will allow you to monitor how much you're using it.


Fasten the Battery

When you fasten your battery tightly, it can prevent short circuits and internal damage from occurring. Many storms can come loose if you tend to drive on bumpy or unpaved roads a lot. If it's in the correct spot in the mounting bracket, it won't suffer from damage.


Turn Off the Headlights

It's easy to drain your battery if you tend to leave your car's lights on when you turn the vehicle off and walk away from it. Many people fail to notice they leave the lights on, especially if it's an older model that doesn't make a noise when you remove the key from the ignition. Consider leaving a note on the steering wheel or dashboard to remind you to turn the lights off and avoid draining the battery.


Clean the Terminals

Cleaning the terminals with a toothbrush with baking soda and water can remove corrosion and extend the parts' lifespan.


Contact us today at our service center to book an appointment to have your battery inspected and replaced, if necessary. We can also provide you with more battery maintenance tips to extend the product's life and keep your vehicle running well.


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