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Hyundai BlueLink App
Hyundai BlueLink App

Hyundai BlueLink App

In today's high tech society, we are expected to have easily accessible information in the palm of our hands. Yet, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all we need, let alone staying on top of emails, calls, texts, and more. Hyundai understands the daily challenges of this generation. That is why the introduction of Hyundai's BlueLink app promises the ultimate in connectivity and convenience. Utilizing in-vehicle monitoring through combined GPS with onboard diagnostics statistics and a smartphone app, BlueLink provides quick and easy access to a range of remote services, diagnostic tools, and reminders. This app allows you to experience all your new or pre-owned Hyundai has to offer and helps you keep track of your maintenance schedule while managing your own busy schedule.

Hyundai BlueLink Features and Capabilities

By downloading the Hyundai BlueLink app from iTunes or Google Play, and creating an account at, you will have access to a variety of important information regarding your Hyundai in the palm of your hand. When using the BlueLink app, your smartphone allows you to start your vehicle remotely, control the temperature inside your Hyundai, as well as turn on the standard heated seats or available heated steering wheel. You can store up to three preferred settings in your app to easily configure the temperature inside your Hyundai, combating Canada's extreme weather. Of course, you can also stop your engine just as quickly. Not only is the BlueLink app accessible through your smartphone, but you can also control your vehicle's functions from your Apple or Android smartwatch!

Other features of the BlueLink app include:

  • Vehicle Status - Your BlueLink app can tell if
    • Your doors are locked, unlocked or open
    • If your trunk or hood is open or closed
    • Your engine, climate, rear defrost and heated steering wheel are on or off
    • If your Hyundai needs fuel
  • Vehicle Location - Forgot where you parked? BlueLink will show you your car's location on a map and give you directions to get there. Still can't find your vehicle? You can flash your lights or honk the horn.
  • SOS Emergency and Roadside Assistance - Your rearview mirror has buttons to connect you to Roadside Assistance or Emergency services immediately. In the unfortunate event of a collision, your vehicle will automatically call for emergency services.
  • Powerful Search Engine - With local search powered by Google, say your point of interest or category and BlueLink will swiftly return results with addresses.
  • Monitor Your Hyundai Maintenance - Access vehicle health through the evaluation of key performance systems and driving statistics.
  • Maintain Your Hyundai Maintenance - You can track your maintenance and set reminders to ensure your vehicle is properly maintained.

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