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Is your vehicle taking a longer than usual time to start in the morning? Maybe it's time to come in and see us at Stratford Hyundai to have our technicians check your battery and belts. We strive to provide our customers with solutions to all their automotive needs and seamlessly address issues to avoid breakdowns on the road.

Genuine Hyundai Parts

To maintain your Hyundai's optimal operation and handling, we recommend that you only use high-quality part replacements. When looking for genuine Hyundai parts, our dealership makes the parts centre available to supply you with direct replacements that match the original parts installed at the factory. These parts will be identical in dimensions, materials, appearance and quality, ensuring a proper fit and finish. On top of direct replacements, our certified technicians in the service centre will properly install the replacement parts to factory specifications.

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    Batteries & Belts

    Replacing your battery and belts can give you peace of mind that your vehicle will always start on demand. Your serpentine belt runs your accessories, such as the alternator, which results in charging your battery. If your belt is older, it will have cracks and slippage, causing inefficient charging and noise belt operation. Another critical maintenance check is your battery, which has a useful life of around four to five years. Excessive heat is the leading cause of battery failure, and if left unattended, you will experience low voltage issues, which can cause your vehicle not to start. We encourage you to get your battery checked regularly by our Hyundai-certified technicians and avoid replacing the battery with anything other than AGM batteries as recommended by the factory.

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    Contact us to get more information about battery and belt replacements to ensure your vehicle staying running correctly. You can order parts online, making it even easier to get ahold of genuine Hyundai replacement parts.