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Financing vs Leasing

Financing vs Leasing

Financing vs Leasing in Stratford, ON

Financing vs. Leasing in Stratford, ON

At Stratford Hyundai, we stock our new inventory with the latest Hyundai models, providing you with loads of vehicle options to choose from, which have the latest features and offerings. Although financing is the popular payment option among customers, leasing a vehicle can be beneficial for specific situations. Make sure to fill out a credit application today to find the right payment method that meets your budget and financial situation.


Benefits Of Financing

Choosing to finance a vehicle is a great way to build equity towards vehicle ownership, providing you with flexible payment options to suit your specific situation. With financing, you will have the freedom to maintain and modify your vehicle as you see fit, and once you are done paying off the vehicle, you will have complete ownership of your vehicle. Since you build equity during a finance agreement, you can trade in your financed vehicle anytime. Also, other benefits of financing include building credit, getting a reliable vehicle at affordable payments, and enjoying lower insurance rates.


Benefits Of Leasing

A lease agreement is similar to a long-term rental but differs by allowing you to purchase the vehicle outright at the lease end, which will cost you a determined amount you can agree upon during the lease signing. Some noteworthy benefits of leasing your next vehicle include lower monthly payments, upgrading to a new model more often, lower initial payments, and not having to worry about reselling the vehicle at the end of the lease.


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Regardless of which payment option suits your situation and needs best, you can contact us, and our experts will gladly help you explore both in more depth.


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