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Signs of Brake Wear

Hyundai Stratford is the preferred Hyundai dealership in Stratford, Ontario, and serves London, Woodstock, Kitchener, Waterloo, and the surrounding areas. Our Stratford location sells the newest Hyundai vehicles and invites our customers to complete the online finance application and schedule an appointment to check out our new inventory for a new set of wheels. The maintenance you perform on your car determines how well it operates and if any issues develop. One of the essential parts of car maintenance is replacing the brakes to remain safe on the road and reduce the risk of a collision.

Increased Braking Distances

You may notice it starts to take longer to make the car come to a complete stop once you begin to place your foot on the pedal. Unfortunately, this can make it harder to judge when you need to start braking as you approach stop lights, stopped traffic, and stop signs.

Unusual Odors

The brakes on your vehicle can emit a strong smell once the pads start to wear down and thin out. You may notice a strong odor coming from your car when you make a hard stop.

Not Stopping

In some cases, the brakes can fail to stop at all, which can cause fender benders and severe accidents if they're no longer reliable.

Grinding Noises

If there's not much thread left of the brake pads, then the parts can grind together when you attempt to stop the car and can make a loud grinding noise.

The Car Pulls as You Stop

Worn breaks can also lead to the car pulling to the left or right when it stops the vehicle, putting your safety at risk on the road.

Weak Emergency Brake

The emergency brake can also fail to work as well if your brakes are in poor condition. You may have to pull it harder than usual to make the car feel secure when parking on an incline.

Loud Squealing Noises

You need brake maintenance if your brakes start to make loud squealing noises every time you stop, which can startle you, as well as other drivers.

The Steering Wheel Vibrates

Worn brake pedals can cause the steering wheel to vibrate aggressively every time that you stop, making it hard to feel in control of the car as you attempt to steer it.

It's essential to act quickly and take the necessary steps of brake repair when you notice signs that they're at the end of their lifespan. Contact us to book a service appointment at our service center to have your brakes inspected and replace them when they show a few signs of wear.

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